Accent Glass & Mirror is a glass and glazing company powered by the long-established, time-honored tradition of knowledge, values, and integrity.  We are dedicated to providing unparalleled professional work at competitory rates.  As such, every project, regardless of size or difficulty, is not only assigned careful consideration but also meticulous attention to detail in order for our clients' expectations to be surpassed time and time again.  Predominantly we serve the Greater Pittsburgh area, however, we have similarity been competitive and successful in our endeavors traveling to surrounding markets.

Following a consultation, our passionate, devoted, and highly experienced staff will design, fabricate, and install your project using the highest quality commercial and residential products currently available in the industry, our goal being to maintain comprehensive quality control and to deliver the product in a timely fashion so as to meet your strict scheduling requirements and specification.

Whether you are an architect with plans and specifications, remodeler with an idea to improve upon an existing building, or a general contractor in search of a glass expert whose skill and vision are unmatched, allow Accent glass & Mirror to be your "one call does it all" contractor.

Accent Glass & Mirror has newly advanced into the residential glass arena.  As a result, we are excited to satisfy your residential glass requirements.  We produce gorgeous tub and shower enclosures, mirrors, insulated glass, and custom patterned glass.  Contact us today to learn more about how we can make your glass and mirror dreams a reality.  Additionally, it would be greatly appreciated if you are an estimator and would add us to your bid list.

Thank you for your consideration.

Jerry Dean Nemes